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Hot Tub Cover Lifters

UltraLift Cover Lifter Systems

Cover Lifts

Standard Mount by Ultralift

Ultralift’s Standard Mount hot tub cover lifter lets you adjust the open cover height to your preference – high for greater privacy or low for a less obstructed view. You can mount the brackets high on the side of your spa so your cover enhances privacy, or low on the spa side or on the deck to store the cover behind your spa.

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Under Mount by Ultralift

Ultralift Undermount is the same easy-to- use cover lifter, but with an Under Mount bracket that slides under your tub prior to filling. No need to drill holes in the deck, patio or spa skirt. One person can easily lift the hot tub cover off and position it behind your spa from outside or inside the tub.

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Hydraulic Mount by Ultralift

The Hydraulic Mount hot tub cover lifter incorporates gas springs to assist with the opening and closing of your hot tub. The gas springs offset the weight of the cover, increasing your enjoyment and safety when using your hot tub or spa. It also makes it easier to place your cover securely and in the correct position when closing, which will reduce heat loss from your tub.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell a hot tub with cover lift included?
No. All of our hot tubs come with a cover included but do not come with hot tub cover lifts. The cover lifts are a separate part that can be ordered on our website.
Do you sell an automatic hot tub cover lifter?
No. Our cover lifts make it easier to open your hot tub, but it does not do it automatically.
Are your hot tub cover lifts made of steel?
No. All of our cover lifts are made of aluminium to make them lightweight and a fraction of the cost of a steel lift. This does not reduce the quality of the lifts in any way. You can see more details about each of our cover lifts on the product page, along with any reviews and clearance or sale price.
Do you offer a hot tub electric cover lifter?
No. None of our hot tub cover lifts are electric.
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Looking For Something Else?