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Hot Tub Chemical Safety

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Hot tubs are meant to be fun and relaxing. And for the most part they are. But if a hot tub and the chemicals used to keep it clean are improperly used, it can become dangerous. The last thing you want to do is turn hot tub leisure time into a serious injury or worse. Knowing the risks and taking precaution before hand can prevent most accidents. 

Hot Tub Chemical Safety Rules

  • Read and follow all printed instructions listed on bottles and packages. Failure to follow chemical directions may result in serious injury, sickness, or even death.
  • Never add chemicals while bathers are in the spa!
  • Do not exceed chemical dosages as recommended on chemical bottles and packages.
  • Never change chemical brands or types without completely draining, flushing and thoroughly cleaning the spa and cover first.
  • Never mix chemicals together.
  • Do not allow chemicals to come in contact with skin, eyes or clothing. Remove and wash clothing that may have been exposed to chemical contact prior to wearing them again.
  • Inhaling or ingesting chemicals will cause serious injury, sickness, or even death.
  • Chemicals must be stored completely out of the reach of children in an area that is well vented, cool, and dry. Failure to provide a proper area for chemical storage may result in serious injury, sickness, fire, explosion and even death. Do not store your chemicals inside the equipment area of your spa.
  • Add chemicals to the center of the spa with the pump running.
  • Make sure the water is heated.  Never add chemicals to cold water, as this will affect chemical action.
  • Never add chemicals to the skimmer.

If you can follow these rules and any instructions printed on the chemicals, you will be much safer when using your hot tub. With proper safety, hot tub time can be a safe time.


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