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Help! My Hot Tub Is Making a Weird Sound

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A hot tub is first assembled in our factory. Like any product, a few will have issues that slip through even the best quality control measures. Occasionally, a spa can be damaged in shipping. And often, a spa develops an issue over it’s years of usage. One of these issues that can arise is your hot tub making a weird sound it did not make before. If this does happen, there’s two things you should do.

Determine The Type of Sound

Have you ever had an issue with your car making a weird sound and the mechanic asked you to describe the sound? It can be tough. You’re not an expert on cars and a weird sound is often just a weird sound you’re not used to and didn’t think about much. Well it can happen to a hot tub as well. So many parts are put into a spa and so many steps occur from building it in our factory to shipping it to your house. Here’s our guide to hot tub noises to help you identify the type of sound.

  • Grinding – A grinding sound is a good indication that the bearings are failing.
    • If the bearings are failing to pump it will need to be rebuilt or replaced.
  • Vibrating – A vibrating sound coming from your hot tub is typically a loose connection, pump or grounding wire on pump.
    • If there is a vibrating noise, inspect for loose a connection and tighten it if you find one.
  • Rattling – A rattling noise can be debris in the pump or other plumbing that is bouncing around.
    • Inspect the location of the sound by removing unions and removing any debris found.
  • Buzzing – A buzzing sound usually occurs when the pump is seized or receiving improper power.
    • If this happens, inspect the voltage the pump is receiving. If the voltage is correct, you will have to replace the pump.
  • Surging – A surging sound occurs when air is entering the pump through the filter.
    • If this occurs, make sure the water level in the spa is high enough. Verify that the zip tie on the weir has been removed.
  • Clicking – This occurs within the spa pack and would be the relays activating. This is normal.

Determine The Location Of The Sound

Once you know the type of sound, it’s important to figure out the location of the sound. The most common location of odd sounds would be from the pumps as they contain the only constantly
moving parts in a hot tub. Electrical packs can also make sounds other than the clicking of the relays but these are less likely.

What To Do If You Have A Weird Sound?

Hot tubs can get very technical and there’s many parts. Occasionally, trying to fix the issue yourself can cause more damage or worsen the issue. The best thing you can do is determine the type of sound and where it’s coming from. Once you have figured out the type of sound your hot tub is making and where the sound is coming from, you should call our Customer Service team. Figuring out these two things can make diagnosing your issue much easier for us and you.

Sometimes we can troubleshoot and solve the issue over the phone, other times we need to send one of our technicians out to help you. We want you to get the most from your hot tub and enjoy it for years. Our Customer Service team is happy to help you solve the issue or figure out a solution. You can reach our Customer Service team by calling (866) 515-2335 or submitting a form on


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