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Preparing Your Yard

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Congratulations on your decision to purchase a hot tub!

A hot tub helps turn your backyard into a luxurious space for friends and family. It creates a new focal point in your living space for togetherness or personal relaxation. With that said, one of the biggest and most common fears of new hot tub owners is how to best fit their new tub in their living space.

Keep these things in mind while selecting the best possible location for your
hot tub.

Consider the weight of the spa

The ground on which it sits at must be level, solid, smooth and strong enough to support the overall weight of the tub, as well as the water and bathers. We recommend placing your spa on a solid, level, stable surface such as concrete, stone or pavers. Or you may place your spa on a deck engineered to hold the weight of your filled spa and its occupants.

When installing your spa on a deck or other structure, please consult a qualified contractor to ensure the structure will support the weight of your spa. To properly identify the weight of your new spa when full, note that water weighs 8.33 lbs. per gallon. For example, an average acrylic spa holds approximately 350 gallons of water. Using this formula, you will find that the weight of the water alone is 2,916 lbs. Combined with the dry weight of the spa you will note that many acrylic spas will weigh close to 4,000 lbs. when full of water. Add to this the weight of the occupants. Smaller, rotationally molded spas may weigh far less, ranging from 2,050 – 2,750 lbs. filled.  Add to this the weight of the occupants.

Convenience is important

Choose a location that is easy to get to from your home without obstacles or other sources of stress. It also is important to take into consideration proximity to a water source for initial filling and periodic refills, and power, whether 240V hardwired or a 120V standard 15A plug. Take note of possible hazards such as overhead power lines and large trees or other structures in your yard and avoid them.

Gather the measurements of your new tub and desired hot tub area. Map out those dimensions to the desired area of your hot tub and try to envision how it will fit. Select a location that gets good drainage and is not surrounded by puddles and/or mud. Assure your hot tub will not block access to septic or sewage lines and any other utilities connected to your household.

Consider your view from the spa as well as your view of the spa

Keep in mind seasonal changes in landscape. Areas that are very private in warmer months might not be so private when leaves have fallen. Consider planting some additional non-deciduous plants or trees to create a year-round private retreat in your backyard. If you choose to install a gazebo or other decorative structure around your spa, keep in mind accessibility to your spa’s components. Be sure that the spa’s access panels or equipment door can be reached.

Delivery day preparation

Prior to delivery day, make sure there is sufficient clearance. Are there any obstacles along the way? Low hanging branches? Bushes? Air conditioning or heating units?

Are there any steps along your chosen route? If so, is there an alternate route? Choose the safest and most direct route possible. We recommend hiring professionals to avoid physical harm or property damage.

While luxurious, a hot tub might not take up as much space as you imagine. Chances are, you have a perfect space somewhere in your yard. When you feel confident that your desired area contains the necessary space and does not interfere with any other utilities, you’re ready for the fun part!




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