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What To Do With Your Hot Tub When You Take a Vacation

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Everyone needs a vacation every so often. Our daily life and all the activities involved can get STRESSFUL. Planning a vacation and figuring out what to do with the things you aren’t bringing can be a challenge. Some people will bring their kids along on vacation, other people like to arrange a babysitter, and some don’t have kids. The same thing goes for pets as well. Not every location is pet friendly, so sometimes you need to leave them behind and arrange for someone to care for them in your absence. One thing you may not have considered, and likely the reason you’re reading this, is: what do you do with your hot tub when you take a vacation?

A hot tub that isn’t taken care of can become unsanitary and grow bacteria. The bacteria can wreak havoc on the PH levels and cause extensive damage to your hot tub. You can leave your spa unattended for up to two weeks if you follow these instructions. If you will not be using your spa for longer than 14 days and a spa maintenance service is not available, we strongly recommend you drain and winterize your spa. Otherwise, these instructions will be good enough.

Lock Your Cover

Always lock your cover using the cover locks if you plan to be away from home and the spa is filled with water. This keeps out unwanted dirt, debris, or pests. Covering your spa also helps prevent children from drowning in the spa. Covered spas will use less electricity in maintaining your set temperature. Additionally, covering your spa will protect your spa’s finish from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Keep The Water Clean

Follow the water quality instructions in your spa owner’s manual. As the owner of a spa, it is important that you maintain your spa water and keep your spa equipment in excellent condition.

Use A Chemical Sanitizer

Spa owners with an ozonator still need to use a chemical sanitizer. Sanitizers kill bacteria and viruses and keep the water clean. A low sanitizer level will allow microbes to grow quickly in the spa water. Use either bromine or chlorine as your sanitizer or a non-chlorine/non-bromine sanitizer. All work well when maintained regularly.

Shock The Water

Shocking the water helps remove burned-out chemicals, bacteria, and other organic material from your spa’s water and improves your sanitizer’s effectiveness.

When You Return

When you return, unlock your spa and check the water chemistry. You should then adjust the chemicals according to the water quality. You can now take a vacation and not have to worry about your hot tub. 


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