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Keeping Your Spa from Looking Like a Bubble Bath

Keeping Your Spa from Looking Like a Bubble Bath-how-to-find-the-best-spa

You lift up your spa cover and what do you see? Foam. You try to scoop out the bubbly layer, but it just keeps coming back, leaving you wondering why this happened. An onset of suds is annoying, yet with the right steps this can be prevented. Before you start dumping expensive chemicals into your spa consider these tips to keeping your water foam-free!

Detergent Overload

More often than not, our bathing suits and swim trunks are the culprits. When you use too much detergent or fabric softener in your washing machine, excess soap results in residue on clothes. Detergent residue combined with the power of hot tub jets can leave you with a foaming spa. Consider using less detergent in your next loads of laundry – you may be pleasantly surprised with clearer spa water and money savings on laundry products, too!

Body Products

Soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, perfumes and colognes all affect the chemical balance of your water. The more you and your spa guests use, the more likely buildup can occur. This build-up could lead to a sudsy situation.

Try to rinse off your body before you take a soak to minimize the residue introduced into your spa. In addition, regularly rinse or replace your hot tub filter(s) to be proactive against product build-up. Clean filters also help your pump(s) operate properly.


Spilled your sweet tea, your juice, wine or beer? While we love indulging in refreshments while enjoying a soak, beverages spilled in the spa water can lead to a foaming hot tub.

Low-Quality Spa Water Chemicals

We all love saving money! However, with cheaper chemicals comes the risk of more buildup of body oils and particles. Spa chemicals are not something to skimp on. Cheap chemicals could lead to costly damage, or to the expenditure of even more money to buy additional products to clean your spa. Choose quality chemical products that you’ll need to maintain healthy water treatment of your spa. Using the right products the first time ensures fewer chemicals purchased over time and a healthier water system that is better for your skin!

Poor Water Maintenance

The proper management of your pH level is extremely important. Imbalanced levels can lead to a foamy tub. Be sure to monitor your pH levels to ensure a clean tub for future use.


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