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Can I Drink Alcohol In A Hot Tub?

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A hot tub can be a great way to relieve stress. Some people like to have a glass of wine or a beer to relax. Can you combine the two? For the record, we don’t mean filling your spa with alcohol. Do not do that.  We’re talking about enjoying alcohol while you soak in a hot tub? We’ll be answering:

  • Can You Do It?
  • Should You Do It?

Can I Drink In A Hot Tub?

Physically, yes, we can’t stop you from doing it. Just follow any laws regarding alcohol in the area you live. Around the United States, the minimum drinking age is 21. This means anyone under the age of 21 should not be drinking no matter what. Other countries around the world have different minimum drinking ages, such as 16 in Germany or 18 in Ireland. Review the laws regarding alcohol before you do any drinking. If you’re legally allowed to drink, you can do so in a hot tub. You should also consider your health if drinking alcohol. If you’re insure if you can drink, it’s best to avoid it and consult a doctor. Before drinking in a hot tub, you should consider if it’s okay to drink. While we can’t physically stop you from drinking, we strongly advise against it.

Should I Drink In A Hot Tub?

Ideally, no. A hot tub raises your body temperature and causes dehydration. You won’t die of dehydration in a hot tub in a 10 minute soak, but after a while, the effects become stronger. Alcohol is also known to cause dehydration and raise the body’s temperature. Mixing the two can amplify the effects of alcohol and time it takes to become dehydrated. Alcohol can also cause dizziness; when drinking , you want to be careful not to slip. Hot tubs and alcohol can both relax you. Either of the two can be so relaxing it puts you to sleep. If drinking alcohol, do not fall asleep in a hot tub. If you do drink in a hot tub, get someone sober to get in the hot tub with you. Some people use a “designated driver” when going out drinking. This person doesn’t drink so that they can drive others home. You should have a “designated hot tub friend” to avoid alcohol and assist you if needed. Spa models like our Mesa 26, include an ice bucket to give you a cold drink while in the spa. The purpose is to aid with dehydration. If you drink alcohol in a hot, monitor your health. 

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All the effects of alcohol can be amplified in a hot tub. You can

  • Have Mood Changes
  • Have Behavior Changes
  • Become Uncoordinated
  • Think Unclearly
  • Develop Cardiomyopathy
  • Get Arrhythmias
  • Have a Stroke
  • Develop High Blood Pressure
  • Develop a Fatty Liver
  • Get Alcoholic Hepatitis
  • Get Fibrosis
  • Get Cirrhosis
  • And Much More

Alcohol can have many harmful effects on the body. You can read more about it here, directly from the National Institutes of Health. Additionally, spilling alcohol in your hot tub can mess up the chemical levels. Alcohol can be great for relaxing. But, should you drink in a hot tub? No.


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