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How Do You Keep Your Kids Safe Around Hot Tubs?

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Despite the trouble and headaches they can sometimes cause, most parents cherish their children as the most important thing in their life. Naturally so, we want to protect them and keep them safe. We all know children can get reckless and get into mischief. This means they can turn any item into a hazard. A hot tub is meant to be fun and to be enjoyed, but a hot tub can be dangerous if used improperly or recklessly. That’s why it’s important to understand the hot tub dangers for children and adults. We wrote a similar article on hot tub safety that covers safety guidelines for adults and children, but this article is going to be strictly about hot tub safety for children.

Is A Hot Tub Safe For Children?

For the most part, yes. There are conditions on that though. You should never leave kids in a hot tub unattended. The first concern is drowning. Though a hot tub is not very deep to an adult, the water levels pose a much bigger threat to children. Just because the water isn’t several feet deep, doesn’t mean children can’t drown. People can drown in as little as a few inches of water.

The heat of a hot tub can dehydrate people over a period of time. For adults, it’s recommended to limit hot tub soaks to 10 to 30 minutes and monitor your health. For children, hot tub time should be limited to 5 to 15 minutes, and you should monitor their health. It’s advised to bring ice water to drink along with you when in a hot tub. This can help to mitigate the effects of dehydration. If kids are in the hot tub, you should lower the temperature to at least 98 degrees Fahrenheit. Children are much more susceptible to overheating and their skin is much more sensitive than adults.

You should always use the locks on your hot tub cover when not in use. This not only keeps the heat in and pests out, but also deters children from getting in the spa by themselves. 

A hot tub drain, the jets, and the filter also pose a threat to your safety. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes hair, toes, or fingers can get stuck in a hot tub drain, jet, or the filter.

It’s also important to use caution getting in and out of a hot tub to avoid slips and falls. A hand rail or non-slip stairs can be handy to have and help prevent these injuries. 

The chemicals used in a hot tub to keep it clean can irate skins, eyes, and noses. Kids having more sensitive skin are most susceptible to this as well. You should never add chemicals to a hot tub when people are in it. Chemicals should be stored somewhere children cannot get to or somewhere with a child lock. It’s important to keep your spa clean as well. The bacteria that can accumulate in a hot tub can be detrimental to your health. It’s also important to consider any current health conditions your children have before getting in a hot tub. If you’re unsure a hot tub is safe for your child, it’s best to consult a doctor.

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What Kids Age Is Safe For Hot Tubs?

The hot tub dangers for children are much greater the younger they are. DO NOT LET INFANTS IN A HOT TUB. It is recommended if using a hot tub, children should only be in a spa once they can stand and touch the bottom. If they can stand up with their head above water, the risk of drowning is much less. Typically, at age 5 children can stand and touch the bottom of a hot tub.

Basic Rules Of Hot Tub Safety For Kids

Despite the dangers of a hot tub, kids can still enjoy themselves and be safe. Here are some rules to follow to keep your kids safe in a hot tub.

  1. Always Lock Your Hot Tub
  2. Don’t Bring Electronics in a Hot Tub
  3. Never Leave Children Unsupervised in a Hot Tub
  4. Stay Hydrated
  5. Monitor Your Kids Health
  6. Do Not Bring Infants Into a Hot Tub
  7. Only Allow Children in a Hot Tub When They Can Touch The Bottom
  8. Turn Down The Heat to 98 Degrees Fahrenheit
  9. Limit Hot Tub Soaks to 5 to 15 Minutes
  10. Be Careful Getting In and Out of the Hot Tub
  11. Store and Use Chemicals Safely
  12. Do Not Stick Fingers, Toes, or Any Body Part in the Drain, Jets, or Filter
  13. Consider Any Health Conditions
  14. And Keep Your Hot Tub Clean

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For a more thorough insight into hot tub safety, you can read our article on hot tub safety here. Your children are precious and their safety is of the utmost importance. We want to help you keep them safe and make hot tub time a fun family bonding experience. Many of the dangers of hot tubs can be avoided with proper care. Many owner’s manuals include warnings and details on the dangers of a hot tub. It may not be a riveting read, but it is there to inform you and to hopefully keep you safe. While not everyone gets injured in a hot tub, it can still happen. It’s better to know the risks and how to prevent them before they happen. 


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