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Hot Tub Safety: All You Need To Know

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Items like hot tubs, pools, trampolines, playgrounds, and other items are meant to be fun items to entertain, enjoy, and use. However, if used improperly or without caution, these items can cause danger. For example, “double bouncing” on a trampoline can be dangerous. Additionally, people can fall off monkey bars or swings on playgrounds. You can still have a pleasant time using these items, but it’s important to know of the risks or limitations. Are hot tubs safe? Yes, if used correctly. This article is meant to inform you of the possible dangers of a hot tub. Below is a safety checklist for a quick overview of the actions you should take. We will also explain each point on the checklist in greater detail below. 

Hot Tub Safety Checklist

  • Lock Your Hot Tub When Not In Use
  • Store Chemicals Somewhere Safe
  • Use Chemicals Safely
  • Supervise Children Around The Spa
  • Be Careful Around The Drain, Filter, & Jets
  • Don’t Sit On The Cover
  • Do Not Bring Electronics In The Hot Tub
  • Stay Hydrated & Avoid Alcohol
  • Monitor How You Feel
  • Be Careful Of Slipping
  • Keep Your Hot Tub Clean
  • Consider Any Health Conditions You Have

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Lock Your Hot Tub
Locking your hot tub can be beneficial in multiple ways. First and foremost, it helps keep unwanted pests, debris, dirt, and children out of your spa. Without a cover, dirt, leaves, sticks, and other items can wind up in your spa, either making cleaning a hassle or damaging the spa. Locking your spa goes the extra mile to keep children and unwanted animals from entering your spa. Another benefit of locking your spa is, it aids in heat retention. This means your spa uses less energy to heat up, thus saving you money.

Store Chemicals Somewhere Safe
Make sure you store chemicals somewhere safe from damage, children, or pests. The chemicals used to keep a hot tub clean can be hazardous like any other chemical. Many spa manufacturers don’t ship spas with chemicals because if they are damaged or spill, they can create hazardous fumes. These chemicals contain warnings on their containers. It may seem tedious, but it’s important to read these and know the dangers of the chemicals you are using and use them in a responsible manner. Chemicals should not be stored anywhere where children or animals can access. 

Use Chemicals Safely
The chemicals used in a hot tub can be hazardous as stated above. It’s important to read labels and use chemicals as intended and in the recommended amounts. Using too much of a chemical can cause eye, skin, and nose irritation, as well as many worse conditions. Do not inhale or ingest any chemicals. Additionally, don’t add chemicals while people are actively in the spa.

Supervise Children Around The Spa
Are hot tubs safe for kids? Yes, but there are conditions that should be followed. At what age is it safe for hot tubs? It’s recommended children under 5 should avoid hot tubs. You also want to make sure your hot tub is locked and children can’t get in without supervision. Once again, make sure to keep children away from spa chemicals. A hot tub can cause dehydration and raise your body’s temperature. Hot tub soaks should be limited to 10 to 30 minute sessions. You can go longer, but monitor how you are feeling and stay hydrated. 

Be Careful Around The Drain, Filter, & Jets
It’s not unheard of for fingers or toes to get stuck in a jet, the drain or the filter. Additionally, hair can on occasion get caught in the drain.

Don’t Sit On The Cover
A hot tub cover is not the strongest thing in the world. If you sit on it, it can collapse or break.

Don’t Bring Electronics In The Hot Tub
Electronic items in water can electrocute you. If you don’t die from electrocution, at the very least, your device is likely ruined.

Stay Hydrated & Avoid Alcohol
A hot tub can raise your body temperature and cause dehydration. Spa models like our Mesa 26 include an ice bucket and tray. This is to aid in dehydration. You can add ice and keep a cold drink near you to stay hydrated and enjoy a longer hot tub soak. Alcohol is also known to dehydrate people; thus, drinking alcohol while in a hot tub can magnify these effects. 

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Monitor How You Feel
Because a hot tub raises your body temperature and can cause dehydration, it’s recommended to keep hot tub soaks to 10 to 30 minute sessions. You can go longer, but monitor how you feel and stay hydrated.

Be Careful Of Slipping
A hot tub has water in it. As you get in and out, water is bound to spill. Be careful not to slip getting in and out of the spa. Sometimes, a hand rail or non-slip stairs are helpful. 

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Keep Your Hot Tub Clean
A clean hot tub is a safe hot tub. A hot tub uses a filter and chemicals to clean it, but it requires work from you to help keep it clean. The bacteria and dirt that can collect can be harmful to your health. The bacteria can cause infections or worse. Absolutely, no not use a spa with an open wound.

Consider Any Health Conditions You Have
When using a hot tub, you should always consider any health conditions you have. If you’re uncertain a spa is safe for you, consult your doctor. Are hot tubs safe during pregnancy? Yes, but you should lower the temperature and stick to 10 to 15 minute soaks. Be sure to monitor how you feel. There is research that shows pregnant women who use a spa for long periods of time or frequently are more at risk for having babies with neural tube birth defects.

Are hot tubs safe during COVID-19? Yes. The CDC has reported the virus cannot spread through water. However, close contact with someone with the virus can still infect you.


Are hot tubs safe? Yes, as long as they are used in a safe manner. Anything can be unsafe if used improperly. If you review our safety checklist and follow these points, your hot tub experience will be much safer. We want to emphasize that this article is not to scare you out of a hot tub, but rather to make sure you know the dangers of a hot tub and can keep safe. Hot tub injuries or accidents do not often happen, but can still occur. 


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