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How To Choose The Best Placement For A Hot Tub Outdoors?

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You just got your new hot tub. Congratulations! Now you have to figure out where you want to put it. It seems simple enough, but hot tub placement can be a challenge. Some people like it indoors, and many people choose to put it outside. Or maybe you saw some photos of gorgeous homes with hot tubs that inspired you to buy yours and already gave you hot tub placement ideas. Wherever you place your spa, there are some hot tub placement rules or guidelines you should follow. You may already have an idea where you’re putting it, but you may not have considered:

  • Installation
  • Access to Electricity and Water
  • Privacy
  • Weight
  • Size
  • And more

Ultimately, where you put a spa is up to you. If you ever need to move your spa, it can be a hassle, especially once filled with water. To avoid this, it’s best to know what to consider before picking your desired location. For those who aren’t sure what to consider or where to put their spa, we have made this guide to picking the best placement for a hot tub.

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What Kind of Hot Tub?
One thing to consider when picking the location for your spa is: what kind of spa do you want? There’s different types of hot tubs; you have the small inflatable ones, then the next step up is a resin spa, and after that you get the typical acrylic spa. An inflatable spa is the lightest in weight, easy to move, but lacks durability. A resin spa is heavier than an inflatable spa, more durable, has more space, but costs more. An acrylic spa is the most expensive type but offers more features, seating, better heating and jet pressure. The type of spa you get can affect where you place a spa. Our guidelines for hot tub placement apply to all 3 of these types of spas.

Hot Tub Installation
When it comes to installing your hot tub, the placement of your spa can greatly help you. All three types of spas can be heavy, and you don’t want to carry it farther than needed. Depending on the type of spa you buy, size drastically changes. An inflatable hot tub usually comes in a small box and is blown up. A resin or acrylic spa is one assembled piece and is wide. You want to make sure you have enough space and there isn’t a fence, gate, or other items obstructing the path needed to deliver your spa to the location. Some hot tub’s can be very difficult to move where you want them, in fact, some require cranes, forklifts, or other equipment. 

Once your spa is installed, it needs to be filled with water. Making sure you have access to water is important. The last thing you want to do is fill a bucket and keep dumping it into the spa. A spa requires hundreds of gallons of water, and filling the spa this way will take forever. It’s best to make sure you have access to a hose, and that the hose reaches the spa. You also want to make sure your spa has access to electricity. Our electric cords are 10 feet long, but cords can vary in length. You want to make sure the plug can reach an outlet.

Location Considerations
The first thing to consider with your hot tub is the proximity to your home. Hot tubs are used more on cold weather days. The spa is nice and warm, but once you get out, it can be a very cold walk back to the house. If you happen to place your spa indoors, you don’t need to worry. But if you do place your spa indoors, the next consideration is much more important. Making sure the location you picked for your spa can get wet is vital. Sometimes a spa spills water as people get in and out and the water level changes. People getting out of the spa will also drip. A wet floor can rot and cause very expensive issues.

If you’re placing your spa outside, another thing to consider is mowing. You may not think about it, but if your spa is surrounded by grass, you will have grass growing around the edges. If you move your spa, you’ll have a big spot where the grass is shorter and possibly discolored. Additionally, you want to be careful mowing around the spa, so that you don’t shoot grass or rocks at it. 

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Aesthetic Requirements
Another thing to think about for your hot tub placement is privacy. You likely don’t want to have your intimate hot tub soak in plain view of your neighbors. You want to create an inviting space, but not that inviting. Many people will create an “oasis” in their backyard. We often see customers place a spa on a patio or deck and it looks amazing. We have also seen spas in gazebos or surrounded by stone, wood, or plants. Your spa is designed to be a soothing relaxing place. Ideally, you want peace and to create your own “piece of heaven”.

Hot Tub Physical Requirements
An empty hot tub with no water still weighs a lot. Once filled with water, it weighs even more. You want to make sure you have a strong foundation for the spa that can support the weight. You also want to pick a flat, steady surface. Without a flat surface, your water is more likely to overflow. Your ground may sound like a flat surface, but one rainstorm can cause your hot tub to sink into the dirt. You also want to measure your space and make sure the spa will fit. Lastly, some hot tubs are a plug and play and work on a GFCI outlet, and others don’t. You want to know what type of outlet your spa requires and make sure one is available. 


Hopefully, now you know all you need to know about hot tub placement. Whether you place your spa indoors or outdoors, you have factors to consider for finding the best placement for a hot tub. Many spas sold online or instore provide details to help you decide where to place it like:

Many of the other details we outlined are forgotten or never known. You can always move your spa, but it’s very difficult and requires draining and lifting it. We want to help you, and we hope now you can pick the best hot tub placement spot to avoid moving it.



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