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Must-Have Accessories for Your Hot Tub: Top 3

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A hot tub is an awesome feature to possess at your house. A hot tub can instantly make any stressful or bad day better. Many hot tubs are built with comfort in mind and include lounger seats to recline in, jets that target problem areas, and warm water to soothe sore muscles. You can make a hot tub even better though; by adding accessories to your hot tub, you personalize it and truly make it yours. Adding accessories to your hot tub can also elevate your hot tub experience. Spas come with features like jets or water columns, but an accessory is anything that can be added on. When picking the top three accessories for a hot tub, we prioritized functionality or anything else. What accessories elevate your spa experience, but also serve a function that helps you? Below, we have picked the three best accessories for a hot tub to give you the most enjoyable experience possible every time you use your hot tub.


The first accessory you will want in your hot tub is an ozonator. The ozonator has made hot tub cleaning and maintenance much easier than before. Nearly everyone with an ozonator absolutely loves theirs and the benefits it brings. An ozonator can even save you money in the long run. An ozonator contains an ultraviolet light, and when it comes in contact with water, it converts the oxygen in the water into ozone. For those of you into chemistry, it converts O2 into O3. The created ozone enters the spa through the jets and breaks down harmful bacteria, oils, suntan lotions, sweat, and other unwanted things in your spa.

People can use bromine or chlorine to clean their spa, it’s really personal preference. The prices of these chemicals can be hefty and vary depending on supply and demand. With an ozonator, you can use less of these chemicals, and an ozonator add-on is usually only a one time payment of $100 to $200 extra to have it added. Using fewer chemicals in your spa not only saves you money, but can also reduce eye, nose, or skin irritation. 

Spa Steps

When choosing hot tub accessories for your home, spa steps should be considered. People come in different shapes and sizes, and a hot tub can be short or tall depending on the person. Some people have no issue stepping over the side of a hot tub to enter it, other people struggle to get in. Some spas have started building steps into the acrylic shell of the hot tub, but that only helps on the interior of the spa. Stepping over the exterior of the spa can still be a challenge. A good set of sturdy steps that match your spa can be a blessing. It makes getting in and out of a spa much easier. Some spas have even started adding built-in stairs or stairs that fold into the spa. Steps can even make your spa look much more luxurious and elegant. If you have small children, steps can also help them get in and out of the spa. It’s important to find stairs that can support your weight and have some kind of anti-slip quality. When you’re wet and coming out of the hot tub, you don’t want to slip and fall.

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Cover Lifter

One of the most popular and best accessories for a hot tub is a cover lifter. Lifting a hot tub cover by itself is not the most strenuous activity, but a cover lifter makes it much easier. It also keeps the cover off the ground and safe from damage. A cover lift attaches to your spa and supports the cover, allowing it to be opened easier. Some require drilling into the side of the spa to attach, but there are different types and brands that don’t require drilling. 

An average hot tub cover can cost between $100 and $500. Over time, a hot tub cover can break down or tear. Sometimes the vapor barrier breaks and the cover becomes heavy and moldy. The middle of the cover then starts to dip down. All of these are signs of needing a new spa cover. A cover lifter can reduce the rate at which your cover deteriorates. Most hot tub covers last 5 to 7 years, but a cover lifter can lengthen that timeframe. 

An odd thought you may not have thought of, when it comes to hot tub accessories for Winter, a cover lift is incredible. If snow falls and lands on your cover, it can damage the cover, and you need to brush it off. A cover lift gives you the ability to just lift it and the snow falls off.

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We hope after reading our top three list of the best accessories for a hot tub, you are considering adding one of these to your spa. These three accessories can greatly elevate your hot tub experience and make for a much more enjoyable soak. There are plenty of other great accessories or things you can do to make a more enjoyable hot tub experience. Some people focus on scenery around the hot tub and add plants, rocks, and other things. Some people like to relax and add an outdoor television. All of these are great, but the three we chose serve a true function that helps you. If you’re considering adding one of these accessories to your hot tub, we carry spas with ozonator add-ons, steps for spas, and cover lifts


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