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What Is Hot Tub Therapy?

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A relaxing hot tub soak can be one of the best ways to recharge after a long day. Many people make a hot tub a part of their daily routine. Whether used in the morning or at night, a hot tub soak can be a great reprieve from the stressors of the day. Without a doubt, a hot tub can improve your mood and relieve stress. But did you know it has other health benefits? 

The usage of hot tubs has been studied, and researchers have found hot tubs actually have health benefits. They have even gone as far as calling hot tubs therapeutic. The hot tub therapy benefits have now been included in the “hydrotherapy” category and are used by athletes and physical therapists around the world. You can do hydrotherapy in multiple options. Some people will use an ice bath, some use a pool for physical therapy, and others use warm water to soothe muscles. You can now make a hot tub soak part of your workout routine or healthy lifestyle. 

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Are Hot Tubs Really Therapeutic?

Researchers have determined there are in fact benefits from using a hot tub. Hot tub therapy has grown in popularity and has adapted over the years. Therapy hot tubs are now a big part of hot tub sales, and many people will buy a spa not only for entertaining and relaxation, but also for the benefits of hot tub therapy. Spa manufacturers have even started to focus on the benefits of hot tub therapy and incorporate it into the design of spas. Spas are now being built with jets located in specific spots to target different areas of the body. The parts of the body being targeted through hydrotherapy are the:

  • Neck & Shoulders
  • Upper & Lower Back
  • Shoulders/Rotator Cuffs
  • Hips
  • Hands & Wrists
  • Legs & Calves
  • Feet

How Does Hot Tub Therapy Work?

Now that we know hydrotherapy is a real thing and hot tubs can benefit your health, let’s talk about how it actually helps you. Using a hot tub relieves stress and relaxes muscles. By offering you an escape from your daily problems and giving you a way to clear your mind, stress levels lower by using a hot tub. Hydrotherapy is often done by performing exercises or movements in warm water. Other times, it’s using warm water to soothe the body. A physical therapy hot tub is used to help people recover from injuries and take the strain off muscles and tendons. The water reduces the weight of the body by 90%. By slowly doing these exercises, the body builds its strength back up. 

The hot water of a hot tub expands the body’s blood vessels, allowing more blood flow. When the parts of the body receive more blood, it helps it recover and heal. The benefits of hot tub therapy are often used after exercise or competing, but can also be used before exercising to loosen muscles. The jets of a hot tub target specific problem areas and provide a massage that helps soothe the muscles and allow you to relax. 

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Benefits Of Hot Tub Therapy

We have established that hot tub therapy is a real thing, it works, and it targets parts of the body. In explaining how it works, we have also touched on the benefits a hot tub gives you. A hot tub has mental and physical benefits. It provides stress relief, muscle massage, relaxation, healing, increased blood flow, and can help you fall asleep easier. These benefits are used by doctors, athletes, and other people all around the world. Nearly every spa now has jets in locations targeted to aid the body and help it recover. We have a separate article on real world athletes that use hydrotherapy in their routine. Order a MyHotTub spa, and soon you can enjoy the benefits of hot tub therapy yourself


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