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How To Pick The Right Size Hot Tub

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When shopping for spas, finding the right sized spa can be a struggle. You may find the perfect sized spa with everything you want but it’s outside your budget or won’t fit in your desired space. To avoid getting attached to a spa that won’t work out, you should consider size requirements before buying or shopping for a hot tub. There’s a few things you want to think about when choosing the needed size of a hot tub.

How Many People Do You Want To Fit In Your Hot Tub?

The first thing to consider is: how many people do you want to fit in your hot tub? Hot tubs range in size and seating options. Typically, the bigger the hot tub size, the more people it will fit. This isn’t always the case though. Some spas are bigger just to provide more space and comfort. Most online spa sellers show a “top down” look at the spa. This shows how many seats the spa offers. Spas range from three seats to seven seats with exceptions. A hot tub lounger seat usually takes up the room of two seats. It’s meant for one person to recline in, but two can still fit in the space. For those unsure what a lounger seat is, don’t worry, we have an article explaining it for you. 

If you have a bigger family and you want everyone to enjoy the hot tub at once, you’re going to want to choose a bigger hot tub. If you have a small family, you might want a smaller spa. This will be cheaper than a big spa as well. Although, if you just want more room, you can always choose a bigger spa. Spas typically last 10 to 20 years. If you think you might be expanding your family in that time frame, you may want to consider a bigger spa.

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Selecting The Required Options In A Hot Tub

When picking a hot tub size, there’s options to consider that affect the size. Spas are made from either acrylic or resin. Resin spas are typically smaller in size and cheaper than an acrylic spa. Resin spas fit three to six people. Alternatively, an acrylic spa is bigger, more expensive, and fits 5 to 8 people. If you want to know the average size of a hot tub or the standard hot tub size, it’s really hard to say since there’s two types of spas. It’s almost like comparing apples and bananas. When picking a spa, the type you buy affects the size of the spa. 

Choosing A Placement For The Hot Tub

Choosing where to place your hot tub can be a challenge. When picking an area you have to consider:

  • Access For Water
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Privacy
  • Weight
  • And more

If you want to know more about picking the ideal placement for your hot tub, you can read our article on it. It can be heartbreaking, annoying, or just a pain when you picture your hot tub on your deck and it won’t fit or the deck can’t support the weight. When it comes to hot tub size and judging the location you have in mind, there really is no average hot tub size or typical hot tub size. Like we explained, hot tubs are made of different materials, resin or acrylic, and then combined with the seat count, a spa can vary in size. With all the different brands of hot tubs on the market as well, this makes finding an average size of a hot tub difficult. Hot tubs can be any size, three feet by four feet, five feet by five feet, seven feet by 10 feet, and so on. Picking a standard size hot tub and judging if the spa will fit based on that can lead to disaster. The best way to decide if a spa will fit is to get the measurements of every spa you’re considering and compare it to the dimensions of the space you have intended. Having a backup location in mind isn’t a terrible option as well.


The amount you can or want to spend on a hot tub can greatly affect the spa you pick. You might want a bigger spa and it could be outside of your budget. If price is a concern, some companies or stores offer financing plans. You won’t have to compromise on a different spa than you wanted if you can pay off the difference over time. Most hot tub salespeople are regular, everyday people and understand price concerns. Not everyone can pay thousands all at once and they understand that. That’s the point of a financing plan: to help you get the spa you want and be able to afford it. 

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Picking the right sized hot tub is not impossible. Many hot tub sellers list the dimensions and label their hot tubs based on how many people it fits. One thing to keep in mind is hot tubs are sold from a sales perspective. All hot tub sellers want to maximize the size and space of a hot tub, just like a car salesperson likes to talk up the space a car offers. Hot tub sellers are not lying about the amount of people a hot tub fits. Each seat in a spa is designed for one person to fit in it. Depending on the size of the people in the hot tub, this can be roomy or crowded. 

There really is no standard size hot tub in the hot tub industry. The best thing you can do is to measure your intended location for the spa and compare with the dimensions of the spa. If the spa fits the location, the next thing to consider is if it has enough seats for everyone you want in the spa at once. You have to be a little honest with yourself about the sizes of the people in the spa to best judge. If all goes wrong, and not everyone can fit, many places offer a return policy. We wish you good luck in choosing the right spa size and hope you can find a spa you love.


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